About Us

So and So Games started in 2018 as a group of two university students that wanted to make fun games for a fair price and put what they’d learned at Staffordshire University to the test. Now, the duo of Ben and Andrew stream their videogame development process regularly on Twitch and interact with an ever-growing audience who’s input can be taken into consideration in real-time.

Alongside keeping you all in the loop for what’s going on with development, the blogs, streams and Patreon content So and So games offer support and insight for budding young developers looking to break out into the turbulent indie games market.

Currently, So and So Games is hard at work on their second game, an online only Trading Card Game that prides itself on not requiring frequent microtransactions in order to play or stay competitive; a card game called “Project Nexus”. With a range of playstyles that should allow TCG players old and new to find a deck type that works for them, Project Nexus aims to bring in a new generation of card games and be the first TCG on the Nintendo Switch! To find out more, check out info page on the game, or drop us a question on Twitter or in our Discord.

Patreon Anniversary

It's So and So Game's Patreon Anniversary!

All Tier 2 and above Patrons will have access to our Tier 4 content until the 31st of September! The bonus content I didn't mention though, is that Not only does Tier 2 apply to the So and So Games Patrons, but Tier 2 and above Calenmiriel Patrons, Elixar Twitch Subs, our Server Boosters and Nexus Insiders will have access to the Tier 4 content, which will start rolling in now that I'm finally set up.

Thank you to everyone who's been along for the journey, this server has been awesome to be a part of and I'm glad its growing little by little. I'll also be posting card renders at least 3 times a week for the whole event, so be it through a Twitch Sub, Calen patron, or one of our very own, now's as good a time as any. Thanks you, everyone, so very much.