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Project Nexus has a weird origin story; Andrew Ogunnaike, the game's designer, and one half of So and So Games, was and is still writing anime-inspired fantasy books, and on a whim, decided to inject a card game into the book's universe to give the world some hobbies that didn't necessarily relate to the universe's main ability. The more he thought about it, the more the game developed, and now, with the book shelved for the longest time, the card game that spawned off of a side idea has been iterated and refined.

It's ready to step out from being a side project, and be played by both experienced card game players, looking for a new game to compete in that won't drain their wallets like traditional card games, and fresh faces who are new to the genre or felt fluctuating card prices and micro transactions would stop them from truly getting good or staying relevant in the game. Project Nexus is currently planned as an online-only card game, similar to Hearthstone in that regard. Before the other major card games also identified the lack of online, automated card games, really, there was no other official card game out there except the aforementioned Hearthstone, and the push for Project Nexus began.

At So and So Games, we hate having to shell out for every new expansion that brings in a the next meta viable card, haggle with scalpers and just bet on Lady Luck bringing us that expensive Triple Rare that you need to show up in a booster pack, so we've vowed to keep our game free of micro-transactions for buying cards. If you see micro-transactions in the game, you can rest assured they'll only be for cosmetics; everyone should be able to play card games with an even playing field, where no card is locked behind a paywall, so that's what we're offering! Whether this is your first real card game, or you're a veteran of the genre, we look forward to everyone finding an element playstyle in this game that speaks to them.

The gameplay of Project Nexus revolves around juggling 2 different cost metrics, Charge, which dictates the number of actions you can do per turn, and mana cost, which further helps balance the costs of various units, spells and equipable items in the game. Some of you may already know, but Project Nexus’s in game content was able to expand its depth thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign that ended April 5th 2019, raising over £1,600 so that the game would launch with 4 fully fleshed out elements so that players could pick from each of their differing playstyles and start building decks.

Future content has been planned, but with each expansion, more funds are required, so new cards will have to wait until the game launches, and sales can help the game grow, or if you’re up for helping the game grow at a faster rate, and claiming exclusive rewards in the process, head over to our Patreon and join our Discord where you can get exclusive updates on everything we’re up to!

Mangician of Grandeu card Bonfire Spreader card

Artwork credits: @Calenmiriel_Art (left) and @NinNakajima (right).

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